Cap Tap’s 10th Anniversary!

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It’s time to party! We’re turning 10 years old and have a killer list of collab brews to share with you all! Check it out!

  1. Claimstake
  2. Device
  3. Urban Roots
  4. Bike Dog
  5. Fieldwork 
  6. Nitty’s Cider
  7. Moksa
  8. Track 7
  9. Burgeon
  10. Pizza Port
  11. Altamont
  12. New Glory
  13. Revision
  14. Flatland
  15. Dionysus
  16. The Monk’s Cellar
  17. Solid Ground
  18. Grains of Wrath


New Schwag and Anniversary Glassware will be available as well! (Buy an Anniversary Beer and keep the glass! 1pp please!)